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The band performs on a variety of reproduction period instruments. The shawm is used to give the original sound of the waites, a loud double reed instrument ideal for outdoors or large rooms. The pipe and tabor (drum) is a popular combination and is used for dance music in particular. Recorders and flutes produce a more familiar, quieter sound and are ideal for small rooms and consort playing. The noise of the crumhorn often seems to be associated with Henry VIII, and its curved shape never fails to provoke curiosity. Other colourful sounds are produced by the sackbut, hurdy gurdy, tambourin de Bearn, rackett, cornamuse and curtal. The group also sings and likes to specialise in the popular part songs and rounds of the period as heard in the streets, homes and ale houses of Renaissance England. The music we perform is all taken or adapted from original sources. Normally these cover a wide period up to the mid 17th century, but a more precise programme can be prepared if required.

At The Sign of The Angel

The Doncaster Waites

The new recording from


Doncaster's performers of renaissance music.

The Waites' first recording aims to re-create music as it may have been heard and performed by the people of Doncaster in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Includes songs from the ale house, stately dances from the homes of the rich and the lively music of the streets.

All performed on reproductions of original instruments such as shawms, crumhorns and hurdy-gurdy. Over 60 minutes of music

Price £5.00 plus £1.50 p&p from the address below
or contact members of the band.

2 Ledbury Gardens, Cusworth, Doncaster. S. Yorks. DN5 8LS
Tel: - 01302 788428.
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