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International Festival of Town Pipers 2006

International Festival of Town Pipers 2004

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Where Waits?


Excerpts from the notes of a lecture delivered as part of the University of Florida musicology series by V A Austin

Richard Braithwaite

Cloth, Watchmen, The Church, Drums etc.

Curtois - a Broadsheet Balad

Bristol - the voyage of Richard Ferris

Allegations of William Bird against William Gibbons

William Chappell's "Popular Music of the Olden Time", 1859

York Sheriffs Riding

A Point of View - An Eye For Detail Professor Lisa Jardine

Frank Kidson's entry on Waits, Grove's Dictionary 1904

Waits' Galleries

Waits' Graves

Mr Simon Ives - a London Wait?

Municipal Corporations Act

Oak Music Stand

Johann Pezel

Pills to Purge Melancholy


John Ravenscroft Wait of Tower Hamlets

Record Breakers

Ian Richardson York Wait 1977-2007

Scarborough Waits

Geordy Sime

Habbie Simpson, Piper of Kilbarchan

Slide Trumpet

The Stafford Hobby Horse & Blind Peter

Trumpet Guild Articles, 1714

Waits, Waites & Waytes - hits from the National Archive On Line

Worcester Waits

The Word Wait

Archive of Notes & Queries 2000

Archive of Notes & Queries 2001

Archive of Notes & Queries 2002

Archive of Notes & Queries 2003-4

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